FAQ Q211: Can Planyo send emails to my clients before the start date or marketing emails after the end date?

Yes, you can send reminders (before rental) and promotional or thank-you emails after rental in Site Settings / Notifications by clicking Add message to be sent after or ahead of time. You have 6 different spots you can fill with different times. These times can be relative to the rental start time, end time or also time of the reservation. This lets you send emails to clients also X days after the reservation is made, for example in order to remind them about the payment they must make. Please note that all you can use the same feature to send reminders to the administrator, moderator or resource admin, for example as a reminder of an action they should do.

Please note that there's a 24-hour sending window for all time-based notifications. For example, by default, a notification that's supposed to be sent 7 days before arrival will not be sent at all if the reservation is entered 3 days before arrival, or if the required status (such as confirmed) is set only 3 days before arrival. For the notifications of type "X days before arrival", you can go to Site Settings / Active features and change the option "Window of time for the notifications sent X days before arrival" if you'd like to increase the sending window.

If you'd like to automatically add your customers to a mailing list and send out newsletters, you can use our MailChimp integration.
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